Dog and Cat Designs for CNC


This art package contains 140 patterns

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Includes side profile views of the following dog breeds:
Afghan Hound,Airedale Terrier,Akita,American Eskimo Dog,American Foxhound,Anatolian Shepherd,Australian Shepherd,Australian Terrier,Basenji,Basset Hound,Beagle,Bearded Collie,Beauceron,Bedlington Terrier,Belgian Sheepdog,Belgian Tervuren,Black and Tan Coonhound,Black Russian Terrier,Bloodhound,Border Collie,Border Terrier,Borzoi,Boston Terrier,Boxer,Brittany,Bull Terrier,Bulldog,Canaan Dog,Cattle Dog,Chesapeake Bay Retriever,Chihuahua,Chow Chow,Cocker Spaniel,Corgi,Clumber Spaniel, Curley Coated Retriever, Dachshund,Dalmatian,Dandie Dinmont Terrier,Doberman Pinscher,English Foxhound,English Mastiff,English Springer Spaniel,Field Spaniel,Finnish Spitz,Fox Terrier,French Bulldog,German Pinscher,German Shepherd,German,Wire-haired Pointer,Golden Retriever,Great Dane,Great Pyrenees,Greater Swiss Mountain Dog,Greyhound,Ibizan,Hound,Irish Setter,Irish Terrier,Irish Wolfhound,Keeshond,Parsons Jack Russell Terrier,Komondor,Kuvasz,Labrador Retriever,Lhasa Apso,Malamute,Maltese,Manchester Terrier,Mastiff,Miniature Pinscher,Miniature Schnauzer,Newfoundland,Norwegian Elkhound,Norwich Terrier,Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever,Old English Sheepdog,Otterhound,Papillion,Pharaoh Hound,Pit Bull,Plott,Pointer,Pomeranian,Poodle,Portuguese Water Dog,Pug,Rhodesian Ridgeback,Rottweiler,Saluki,Samoyed,Schipperke,Scottish Terrier,Shar Pei,Shetland Sheepdog,Shiba Inu,Shih Tzu,Siberian Husky,Skye Terrier,Smooth Pointer,St. Bernard,Staffordshire Terrier,Sussex Spaniel,Swedish Vallhund,Tibetan Mastiff,Tibetan Spaniel,Tibetan Terrier,Toy Fox Terrier,Viszla,Welsh Terrier,Whippet,Wire Fox Terrier,Wire Haired Pointing Griffon

Many cat and kitten patterns are included.

Each of the patterns are provided as shaded jpg files as well as DXF files(compatible with many popular drawing programs and CNC software). The files also open easily in the PlasmaCAM software.

This art theme also includes SignSlapper library files:

If you currently have SignSlapper or will have it in the future, the art files will appear in the SignSlapper art library for immediate insertion in custom signs. Each pattern on the disc has been converted into ready-to-use art for signs.

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