Sign Creation Software for CNC

The sign shown above was created in 1 minute – 48 seconds!

SignSlapper helps you create Amazing Signs for your CNC Plasma Cutting Table

SignSlapper saves the sign as a DXF file that quickly loads into your machine software or CAD program. SignSlapper works great with PlasmaCam software, Design-Edge, Samson, Torchmate CAD, DynaTorch, as well as many other plasma, water-jet and laser cutting tables* (RedPup Productions is not affiliated with any of these companies)

Text and Fonts

Includes more than 30 text fonts specially designed for cutting, on CNC plasma, laser and water-jet cutting tables.

Text Effects

Use instant arc text effects to make the sign unique!

Sign Templates

Here are just a few sign templates included with SignSlapper. Simply open the sign file, change the text, and save the DXF file to be loaded in your CNC software. Signs are cut out of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, wood or plastic.

Art for Signs

SignSlapper comes standard with over 400 patterns, however additional themes can be added by purchasing any of our CNC art themes. Our art discs include dxf files for your CNC machine, as well as SignSlapper ready sign files. Upon installation, our art files from each additional disc are automatically added to your SignSlapper library for your immediate use in the signs.

Note: If you have purchased any of our art discs in the past, you will receive all new discs replacing your old ones. The new discs include the dxf files that you already have been using, as well as the SignSlapper-ready files. The art files will automatically appear in your SignSlapper library

Art Import Tool

SignSlapper has a built-in import tool that allows you to convert image files of clip art, pictures, company logos, etc. After conversion, the pattern is added to your SignSlapper library.

Image Note: Not all images are suitable for importing and cutting. Dxf import Note: Not all 3rd party dxf artwork is compatible with SignSlapper (although many are). All art discs from RedPup Productions are guaranteed to work with this program.

Make an Income Cutting Signs

Demo Video

Watch as signs are quickly created with SignSlapper and cut out of steel on a CNC plasma cutting table.
Click to Watch the SignSlapper Demo Video

Monogram Letters

The monogram letters add-on for SignSlapper can give you huge income potential!

Cut customized family initials on your CNC plasma, laser, router or water-jet system. Many themes to choose from with each letter of the alphabet. Simply choose a monogram from the sign library, open, change the text, click Save to DXF and cut.

Click to see more information, examples and instructions about Monograms for SignSlapper.

CNC Art Files

For more than 20 years, RedPup Productions has been providing art theme files that you can cut on your CNC cutting system. Click here to see detailed information and examples.

The art themes contain patterns that can be cut individually as pieces of art, or combined with other projects.